August 2017 Edition Closing Date

for Magazing Printing & Distrubution is Friday the 21st July 2017












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Rowtrade is an affordable medium for corporate and private advertisers to promote equipment, events and other rowing associated activities. Sellers are able to sell their new and used rowing equipment to local, national and international markets which have traditionally been out of reach to advertisers. Buyers are able to browse and purchase rowing goods 24 7.

Why advertise with Rowtrade?

Rowtrade is the only rowing magazine published in Australia. The Rowtrade printed magazine is distributed ten times per year to rowing clubs, individual subscribers and schools who have a rowing program nationally. This means your advertisement is on rowing club and school noticeboards, desks of directors and being seen by committees and coaches. The magazine can be found on the website and every edition is emailed to Rowtrade Magazine Subscribers directly into their email inbox. When you advertise with Rowtrade you will gain direct hits to your website from valued rowing customers resulting in increasing awareness and sales for your business.

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